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:: Industrial Basis

The industrial basis of the enterprise includes the following sub-divisions:

These subdivisions provide a shared context where sequenced processes from procurement to manufacturing and testing transform waste into wealth. 

Our procurement activity takes place in the following ways: 

We are equipped with all collecting and transporting machinery needed to collect the scrap. 

We receive truckloads of graded metal scrap for processing and our massive sorting and storage yard provides us with a facility to prepare different grades of metal alloys. We can then either bale the material or sheer it into acceptable charging products for the production unit. In general, our pre-production operations include:

We utilize several types of balers, dump hoppers, metal shredders, cutting torches and waste compactors to perform demolition services and handle scrap in the most efficient manner. Our material packaging section uses different packaging methods depending on the material. Our balers and briquetters produce a condensed package for economical conveyance and re-melting.

The scrap sorting sector is a cross between a busy production section and an expansive warehouse and it is under unyielding pressure, every minute of every single day. We believe in simple adage that scrap that is sorted and clean commands a higher market price owing to the ease of subsequent processing through recycling. We employ both hand sorting method - having trained workers literally hand-inspect scrap and sort it one piece at a time by sheer common sense and new technology to accurately sort scrap and unambiguously identify in-process material by specific alloy types. 

Our modern production sectors operate both in job lot and production flow modes providing the efficiency and flexibility required for specialty products. Our production facility houses a plethora of machineries and equipments that qualify as technological support to accomplish our tasks. 

We handle and process all grades of aluminium for recycling as well any commercial quality grade. We collect aluminium scrap, segregate aluminium and its alloys by grade, prepare them for recycling and forward them to our secondary aluminium smelters for the manufacture of aluminium ingots. The manufacture of quality aluminium alloys adheres to a defined set of alloy melting, handling, and degassing procedures. 

Our accredited factory laboratory is equipped with means of measuring engineering and test facility permitting to make the operating analysis of chemical structure of alloys, both chemical methods of spectral analysis and the test of ready products. Obtaining lab quality chemistry with MBH standards on test buttons is only part of the equation. Using our extensive experience with metal industry, we have incorporated an alloy grade library that provides users with the common trade name of the alloy on the instrument display. Adopting a hybrid approach, combining the book value alloy grade specifications with the knowledge of the “as produced” chemistry of these alloys, our lab provides accuracy in grade identification.